Dave Hedley

Dave Hedley is a simple farm boy who grew up with the sheep.
As you know well is quite boring living on a farm so he decided to start doing something constructive with his life. He taught himself how to play guitar and at the age of 16 he started playing rhythm and lead guitar in various bands, duos and also as a solo act. After traveling up and down his village looking for gigs Dave decided that you can only be thrown out so many times.
So he had to make a big decision – back to the farm or Tenerife?

After 3 years living and playing on Tenerife things were about to change once more..
Dave met a 'very strange' man who told him "there is a place that needs people just like you – Fuerteventura. You should go.."
So after very scary and confusing boat experience (don't forget he's a farm boy) he arrived on here on the island and is now going to attempt to fit in with the high standard of music in Rock Island Bar. Having being signed to absolutely nothing at 30 years old Dave enjoys the freedom to do whatever he likes which at the moment is acoustic music .

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Dave Hedley Dave Hedley Dave Hedley