Gary Woodward

I picked up my first bass at the age of 17 and instantly fell in love with the
instrument. After many months of practice I became involved in various musical projects in the UK but didn't become really serious about my playing until I moved to Fuerteventura and opened the Rock Island (then called Cocktails & Dreams for those of you who remember that far back) with my wife Mandy. We were both 22.
I've remained that age ever since.

I soon started jamming with some of the small circle of musicians based here in Corralejo. Many bands came & went, and as time passed my playing vastly improved.
It seemed that the most natural thing to do was to turn the bar into a live music venue. And so the Rock Island Bar was born.
I'm now in a perfect situation where I can play almost every night alongside the some of the fantastic musicians who play at the bar.
Hope to see you there!


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Powlean - Live at the Rock Island Bar Jamming with the boys on the Mandolin Gary - Live at the Rock Island Bar Gary - Live at the Rock Island Bar