Wayne Brennan

Setting off from his hometown of Offaly in Ireland with just his satchel and guitar, Wayne Brennan started off on his travels..
He soon developed an ability to find home wherever his heart tended to dwell, adapting to new environments and languages.

During his travels, Wayne has experienced many new places and all they had to offer. Living in a Peniche on the river Seine, busking in the streets and Metros of Paris, sailing the Med off the coast of the Riviera and playing round a campfire in Andalucia Spain and even surfing the waves on Hawaii.
All of these great adventures helped shape his music and enable him to focus on new material..

Wayne's critically acclaimed debut album 'In My hands' encapsulates and unbridled passion for life with an electric array of finely crafted songs.

To find out when you can catch Wayne live at the Rock Island keep an eye on the 'What's On' link in the main menu or better still join our facebook page for updates and events. His award winning single 'Roots in these lands' is now available to download from iTunes here

Web: waynebrennan.com
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Wayne Brennan Wayne Brennan Wayne Brennan